Time Management- How radio show engineering showed me the way

How can I write a post and not reference the best song that has a reference to time in it!!!!

Aside from my love of Rocky Horror, my original life plan was to work as an NPR Radio host or to produce a show. I was an intern on several shows and learned some show engineering skills on the studio board. While that was several careers ago, the thing that stuck with me the most was the timing. Each show was really 54 minutes with 6 minutes dedicated at the top of the hour to a news update. Underwriting credits, news breaks and promos for others shows all had to be fit into very specific slots. The shows were planned out backwards to build items in that the station needed to air. This blew my early 20’s mind. I immediately started planning my days, weeks, and yes hours, in reverse. If I needed go to a party, I built in the time I need to be there and counted backwards for train time, choosing an outfit etc. and could easily figure out when I should start the process. It also gave me clear warning signs that I was running late.

I still use this planning in my daily life. It also helps in my private therapy sessions. I break up my “60” minute hour based on house keeping items I need to share or assignments I want to give at the close of my session.

This by no means that I am perfect. I still muck it up. If I don’t set a reminder on my calendar I am lost. If a client sounds like they are about to wrap up a story, I will let them get there and at times find that I ran over my time. This causes me to write notes after all of my session are done. This makes me get home later. However, I try and try again to stick to this practice.

How do you manage your time? How would it look reverse engineered?

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