Second Trimester Pregnancy

Pregnancy, the second half: A Meltdown & A Rant

This stuff is getting real. As I enter the second half of pregnancy it is all beginning to sink in. What were we thinking?

For me, the time is going incredibly slow. I feel like a year ago I found out I was pregnant. Then I remember hitting the end of my first trimester (again it feels like another 6 months have gone by). Most of the feedback I hear is that this middle trimester goes fast, so this feeling is being manifested by me. In the path of trying to keep things mindful, this isn’t a bad thing. I notice things about my body (good and bad) almost daily. However,the struggle for things to move along is very present. I feel fat instead of pregnant (some days) and feel the world is asking themselves the same thing. Is she fat or pregnant? I would not mind moving into a new belly shape phase.

So how do we rush things, without rushing them and being mindful the whole time? I have no idea. I am just trying. I have an app that gives me daily updates and info on pregnancy which I look forward to. I have doctor appointments and visits from family and friends to see me and the ever-growing baby bump. I’m reading “Mindful Pregnancy” by the creator of headspace and that is really excellent and one of the only resources I have found on the topic.

Also thankfully I have a lot of support in accepting my new body. I even wore a tight dress to my job today, “embrace that bump”. So today, I did. 20 weeks- at my halfway mark and with each day comes new surprises, changes and mood swings. I know my lungs are being slowly crushed by my expanding uterus. I am getting out of breath while talking, walking and running and am more and more excited by it anyway.

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