I have a tool box of techniques and skills to share with you to release and work through your sadness, reactions, fears, compulsive behaviors, or anything that is holding you back.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy changes unhelpful patterns in cognitions, behaviors, and emotional regulation.


Dialectical Behavior Therapy teaches healthier ways to communicate objectives, goals, or needs.


Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing alleviates distress associated with traumatic memories.


Mindfulness helps bring awareness to behavioral patterns, habitual ways of thinking, and reactions to the world.


Each training is 2-hours long, and works well with a group of 20-50 people. I have also created customized workshops for smaller groups.

Outreach to the community is a priority and passion of mine. I love speaking to audiences and engaging in a dialogue. Over the past two years, I have been a featured speaker at two Southeastern Regional Action Council (SERAC) events, the 2016 National Association of Social Workers (NASW)Connecticut Conference and the 2016 Connecticut Region Education Council (CREC) Mindfulness Conference.

Mental Health 101

This training works with group members to impart a greater understanding of mental health and mental illness. Designed to help take an active approach to fighting stigma, attendees learn de-escalation and active listening skills.

Burn-Out Prevention Through Boundaries

This training focuses on developing healthy boundaries to support growth, manage client expectations and prevent burn out.

Mindfulness-Based Self-Care

Most recently presented to the Connecticut NASW conference, this introductory training in mindfulness and self-care can be tailored for professional consumer-driven driven field.

The speaker was very skilled, encouraging, and passionate.

This presentation was relaxing and interactive.

Your laid back and refined speaking style kept me engaged.

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Each session is one hour and can be in-person or online.

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