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Mini Morning Routine Makeover

change those mornings
Change it up for better mornings

How many of you have this thought on your way to work: Well, that could have gone better. You then tell yourself you will do better tomorrow. Then a week, a month, or years go by. Stop this pattern. Let’s make over your morning!

Before you check your phone and get involved in your life attempt a 2-3 minute grounding or meditation practice. (Set your intention for the day and find the focus you will need to get your stuff done. There is incredible power in creating a small space just for you first thing in the morning)

make that bed
Make your bed when you get up. You won’t believe how accomplished and organized it can make you feel (Imagine pulling down the covers at the end of the day, it will be sweet!).

water! hydrate!
People tend to be more dehydrated than we are aware of. Drink a glass of water with lemon, or without and keep it going throughout your day. Sure you will pee more often but you will feel better (and you get paid to be in the bathroom!).

breakfast is good for you
Eat breakfast. The whole drinking coffee instead of breakfast will leave you with low blood sugar and your lunch to be gone before 11. (I love eating so this hasn’t been a challenge for me. However, I know many others who have unsettled stomachs in the morning or just want to wait, it does nothing beneficial for you. Break this habit).

to do list
Have you ever forgotten those first thoughts on your drive into work or from the night before? Write out a to do list. Keep track, write it down to get it done. If you ink it, you think it.

dress for the best day ahead
Get dressed like you are aiming for an awesome day. Set your intention with your outfit. If you feel confident in what you are wearing that will carry into your day.

Can you try adding one of these habits to your morning routine each week?

I live by these habits and have been a successful morning person for some time now. I can even fit a workout in at least three mornings a week. Viva La Mornings!

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