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Mini Evening Routine Make Over

Evening routines are as important as our morning routines. I struggle with evenings because I just want to come home and be done. I’d rather do it in the AM. (I know I am in small company on that one.)


The evening is when we wind down, put things away and get some rest for our bodies and minds. However, many people carry the stresses of the day into their evenings. This can negatively affect your relationships and overall well-being.

I want to offer some nighttime routines that can offer you better sleep, better rest and overall sense of peace.
make leftovers

After dinner put the leftovers away. You can choose to turn them into the next day’s lunch or dinner (if in a pinch, breakfast!)

clean counters

Wipe down your counters. I don’t know why but it’s so nice to wake up to clean counters and an empty sink. (I blame my dad for this one)

Run the dishwasher (if it’s full). You can empty it in the morning before leaving.

fold it
Fold that pile of clothes you took out of the dryer yesterday (ahem – or a week ago). I live by the rule of not starting a new load of laundry until the previous one is folded. While sometimes that means dirty clothes pile up, it also means things are sitting in the dryer or on my kitchen table for days.


Choose a time to stop looking at your phone. You need a break from your work and your screen. Make the choice to be present in your home.

pick it out the night before

While finding pajamas and aiming to brush your teeth, pick out an outfit or two for the morning, then you have your choices laid out including accessories. This way, depending on your mood and body in the morning you have the flexibility to choose (I need to get much better on this one, often I can be found running around with pants on but cannot choose a top before work in the morning).

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