You are grounded! Grounding 101

I have done some Google searches and strange things come up when you search for the word “grounding.” The one that stands out for me the most is “earthing,” which seems to involve walking with no shoes on to connect to the earth. No offense to earthers or whatever you call yourselves, but there is so much more to grounding than connecting to the earth and stepping on bugs and twigs. Grounding is a set of skills and I think that “earthing”, among other pseudo grounding techniques out there might put people off.

My kind of grounding is the practice of being physically and mentally in the present. It has its origins in Dialectal Behavioral
Therapy (DBT) introduced by Marsha Linehan. Through grounding you will notice that you are not doing the tasks you have laid out for tomorrow or the frustrating things that happened yesterday. You are here in the moment right now. Grounding can be great for people with flashbacks and other symptoms of trauma, for people who have intrusive thoughts, anxiety or whenever you are being overwhelmed by stress and your emotions.

However, you don’t need to have survived something awful to utilize grounding techniques. These skills can be for anyone who may be distracted or attempting to multi-task. It can also be a tool to help you relax and do some focusing on yourself internally. I will do it when I’m frustrated at a long line at the grocery store or while getting nervous before I meet a new client.

Remember the moment in the original Die Hard film when the man sitting next to John McClane on the plane tells him to take off his shoes and socks and then walk around on the carpet and make fists with his toes? That is one of the best pop culture references grounding!

Here is me trying this at work
grounding curled toes

Below you will find some great techniques you can try:

Number Games:

•7s. Count backward from 100 by 7s. This can be so challenging you cannot think about anything else.
•5s. Count upwards from 0. This one is a little easier so it can feel like an accomplished goal when you hit 100.


•5 senses – name 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell and 1 you can taste.

•Touch your left cheek with your pointer finger. Then touch your right cheek. Notice any differences? What are they?

•Roll your tongue around in your mouth. What do you taste? What do you feel?

Facts/ Things About you:

• List to yourself or out loud at least 6 facts about yourself.
List your full name, your birthday, your age, your social security number, your height, your hair color, your eye color, your favorite color.

•Name all types of beer
•Categories of cats or dogs

How do you ground yourself? Send me a photo on Instagram!

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