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Celebrate Galentine’s Day on February 13th!

What is Galentine’s Day? I will let Leslie Knope of the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee Indiana tell you!Galentine's Day

Ladies Celebrating Ladies
The idea of ladies celebrating ladies has been a focus in the news this week. Madeline Albright stated: “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!” The former secretary of state is spot on. All the more reason to get together with your best gal pals to celebrate Galentine’s.

We spend so much time tearing each other you agree

Being competitive.Galentine's No more Whores

Letting the patriarchy hold us back, if not distract us from its existence at all.
Boss Witches Unite!

We should try to take this day to pause and reflect on our awesomeness!

Galetine's Goddesses
Galentine’s Day, Us Goddesses are Awesome!

Galtines should be about validating and complementing the strengths of the women we know and love beyond their physical beauty. Often compliments revolve around physical beauty, the surface stuff. This randomly happened to me at a meeting this week. Women, who after slightly complimenting me on a project proposal then focused on my outfit and accessories. (Obviously, my accessories were amazing as I was just giving a presentation to the ladies minimizing me- what a cycle!)
How about being mindful and conscious of how we lift each other up!

Check out this of list unique compliments from blogger Mary and Uncustomary Art: Fabulous Compliments for All

Humor aside we live in a world where women are still viewed as lesser than. Their rights are infringed upon, their bodies are violated and objectified and their thoughts and emotions are dismissed.

1 in 3 women across the globe will be beaten or raped in their lifetime according to the Vday Project

Galentines Can End Violence
Galentine’s can help end violence towards women

How do we begin to stop this process and slow the roll of the perpetuation of violence against women everywhere?

Locally, in our homes, our jobs and in our bellies with amazing brunch with amazing friends!

If one woman just started saying “Galentine’s Day, celebrate your inner Boss Witch” when she is complimented on her looks, she could be ignored. But, if two women shouted “Galentine’s Day, celebrate your inner Boss Witch” some may think they are talking to each other and tune them out. If three women do it some may think there is an organization. Then imagine if 50 women do it?! 50 women a day posting on social media or shouting in town centers or the mall and its a story on the news and it becomes viral, some might call it a movement. THAT’s WHAT IT IS! the Galentine’s Day Celebrate Your Inner Boss Witch ANTI-Violence Against Women Movement and all you gotta do is join me the next time it comes around on the guitar— oh wait that’s lyrics from Alice’s Resturant.

But Still, hug a lady you know, appreciate and acknowledge that she is brilliant and incredible because of _________. Because you wouldn’t have her in your life if she wasn’t.

And don’t forget to donate to worthy causes helping women globally:


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