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Accepting Change & Letting Go

This is my second blog post since the birth of my daughter in December. It has been a whirlwind experience. No sleep, 3am diaper changes, so much dirty laundry, forgetting that there is a world exists outside of my home, and on top of that I am back at work full time. Accepting change is now a part of my daily life. Before the baby (or the last trimester of pregnancy) I felt I was mostly organized, had a great sleep schedule, career aspirations, free time, worked out at least 4 times a week and hiked on some weekends. Now I have to accept that my body has changed, my priorities are about my child and less about my career and I may fall asleep at my desk.

I am not who I was before. This has been a challenging concept/construct to get a handle on. I want to fight all of these changes, and yet I am also excited and blown away by the new things I can do and what my body is capable of. I am proud of how I was pushed to my limit and came out the other end challenged and excited.

When we are confronted with changes or feelings that seem to be too intense to handle, our instinct is to push them away. Freud called this instinct “the ego” which implements defense mechanisms to protect us from being overwhelmed. In our bodies when we are hurt, we go into shock. Adrenaline starts to pump, it’s the body’s protection plan. However, unless your life is being threatened or you are in some extreme circumstance you should be open to experience those feelings. If you acknowledge your anxiety, fear, sadness etc. that recognition can take away their power.

When I work with clients who experience anxiety they can be bombarded with negative thoughts. They may try to disconnect from them, ignore them or push them away. This actions only serve to give the those thoughts more power. They may wake you up in the middle of the night or be triggered when you least expect them. If you attempt to breathe, experience the feeling, acknowledge it and let it go, the fear/anxiety will have less power. You can move on.

Try this exercise: http://www.mindful.org/anxious-this-mindfulness-website-animates-letting-go-of-your-negative-thoughts/

How does it feel to let that something go?

Post what you let go of or how you are feeling in the comments below

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